Independent Hair Stylist - Full and Part time

Are you ready to find the perfect salon home for yourself and your clientele?

Hi there! I'm Megan, the Owner of L'Atelier Salon and we are looking for established booth renters to come join our community!

We are up to code on all of the new laws in California, so rest assured we will only offer you the best space for your small business.

L'Atelier Salon is a beautiful, modern, bright, relaxed, yet very professional working environment. We have been a landmark location in Downtown Santa Cruz for 11 years. Our clientele appreciate our in-depth consultations, warm atmosphere and attentive customer care. We are a Certified Green Business and part of the Green Circle Salons Program. With these programs we divert up to 95% of our salon's waste from the landfill and water systems.

As an Independent Hair Business you will enjoy:

  • A salon coordinator who keeps the space clean from 8am-4pm, Tuesday-Saturday. As well as greeting guests and offering beverages, inventory, towel folding, replenishing back bar and station stock, running errands, station clean up, etc.

  • A strong reputation and following of clientele as we are 11 years in the making

  • AMAZING location, lots of walk-ins and call-ins

  • An abundance of square footage and a beautiful working space that is private and not directly beside a co-worker

  • A link to your booking system and social media on our website

  • A weekly towel cleaning service

  • Weekly salon deep cleaning service

  • Monthly window cleaning service

  • Key to L'Atelier, operable from 8am-9pm

  • A listing on our salon phone directory

  • ALL utilities

  • A beautiful display of Kevin Murphy, Eleven Australia and some other retail lines for you to sell if you decide, not required

  • Beverage and snack bar, THE LIST GOES ON...

Our collective of wonderful stylists would love to give you a tour of our space. We welcome you to come say hello and meet your future salon family!

To qualify, please have a business license with the City of Santa Cruz, liability insurance and a seller's permit if you decide to sell your own retail lines. Please also bring your scheduling software or paper books to show your clientele.

Contact Megan Piety at megan@lateliersalon.com and/or text, call and leave a voicemail at 831-469-7546, to set up a time to meet!

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see if you are inspired by our look!


Front Desk Salon Coordinator, not at this time

 Front Desk Salon Coordinator, not at this time

Who: Our current Salon Coordinator

What: Pay is $14-16/hour depending on experience. Fringe benefits include 3 days of sick leave, hair services, discounts on products and a 20% dental care discount at New Street Dental.

Where: L'Atelier Salon in Downtown Santa Cruz, CA.

When: Thursday and Saturday, 8-4

Why: To FULLY enhance our guest's experience, to provide excellent customer service.

You will be responsible for facilitating the very best guest experience possible as well as ensuring the smooth flow of the salon as a whole. Other responsibilities include ensuring that the salon environment is at all times welcoming, efficient and tidy.

We are looking for a long-term partnership of at least 2 years to eternity...


  • Great communication skills

  • Strong phone skills

  • Passionate about customer service

  • Upscale salon appropriate image

  • Organized and VERY detail oriented

  • Enjoys multitasking

  • LOVES following a checklist!

  • Can't help but to think ahead and problem solve

  • Thrives working in a community-oriented environment

  • Has a pleasant way of being and able to control the space in a calm and supportive manner with grace and ease

  • Previous customer service experience

  • General knowledge of the salon and spa industry is a plus but not required

  • Proficient in PC and Mac operating systems is required

  • Is intrigued by being a leader

  • Experience with retail a plus

Please know that this position is in a high-end, reputable, VERY busy, fun and cohesive salon. Therefore a strong desire to work and thrive in this environment it necessary. While most of your time will be spent at the reception desk managing the phones, appointment schedule, arriving and checking out the guests etc., moving about some so as to be of service to the guests as well as the stylists is necessary. The 'energy' of the space flows easily from mellow to fast paced and back again quickly several times in a day. A diversified skill-set and interest in honing those skills are required. Excellent social skills, a global outlook and ability to anticipate the needs of the space are necessary.

*Note: L'Atelier Salon has two levels/stories.  




  • Managing the staff

  • Administrative duties pertaining to this role

  • Answering phones/following scripts to a 'T'

  • Arriving guests, settling them in and checking them out

  • Scheduling/confirming appointments

  • Merchandising

  • Money handling

  • Floor management

  • Manage the environment insofar as the music volume, temperature, etc.

L'Atelier recognizes and appreciates talented staff with a passion for our industry; compensation and benefits are above average. Salary depends on experience.

Please forward your cover letter and resume to megan@lateliersalon.com.

We look forward to meeting you!


Apprentice Stylist, not at this time

Compensation: 11/hour + gratuities

Join our family and continue to build your hair styling and/or coloring skills in our personalized Development Program.  With our one-on-one mentorship program and Develop Me Wednesday classes, you will begin to see clients as an Apprentice Stylist behind the chair after the completion of our L'Atelier Salon-Specific Best Practices training program, this portion of the program usually takes 30-90 days. Once the full apprentice training is complete (3-12 months on average), you will be offered employment as a level 1 stylist.   After which you will continue your education at L'Atelier Salon, meet benchmarks and grow towards a level 5/Master Stylist and beyond!

Our apprenticeship program is fast-paced and designed specifically for you and where you are in your career.  Whether you are a new graduate or have experience behind the chair we will design the perfect training program to meet you exactly where you are with your technical skills and theoretical knowledge.  

While we all assist each other during times that we are able to, this is NOT an assistant position, it is an apprenticeship program.  This program is for the serious professional who desires to be a successful Master Stylist.  



  • California cosmetology license

  • Strong work ethic

  • Friendly, supportive, humble and open way of being

  • Strong communication skills

  • Envision yourself working in a high-end, well organized and structured salon long-term

  • Eager to learn and open to a LOT of coaching/training

  • Upscale salon appropriate image

  • Efficient time management

  • Friendly, supportive and humble with a can-do attitude

  • Passionate about hair styling and willing to dedicate 100% to this career

  • Excellent at blow drying hair and finish styling

Schedule for this program:

  • Tuesday 8-6:30

  • Wednesday 8-5:30

  • Thursday 8-6:30

  • Friday 8-5:30

  • Saturday 8-5:30

*Start times do not vary but end times may.

Once you are offered a Level-2 Stylist position you will have the option to work 4 days per week.  We anticipate that you will graduate up one level per 12-18 months based off of your technical and production growth; with each level increase, a pay increase is included. Once you have achieved Master Stylist/level 5 you will have full discretion over the schedule that you desire to work while enjoying a six-figure salary.


L'Atelier Salon recognizes and appreciates talented professionals with a passion for our industry; compensation and benefits are above average to include: Hourly + percentage of production, bonuses, generous retail commission, discounts on salon products, paid sick leave, dental care, the list goes on...

Please forward your resume to megan@lateliersalon.com. A gallery/portfolio of your work is requested but not required.


We look forward to meeting you!