Hello, my name is Jillian.

I was born and raised in the mountains of North Lake Tahoe. I always dreamed of becoming a hairstylist with the ocean by my side! I grew up playing with my family's hair, my friend’s hair and always my own. I knew my purpose, my calling, was in the beauty industry from a moment in my 7th grade class: We were taking a course about careers and I felt my passion for the beauty industry burning deep within me. Excited to follow my dreams, I graduated high school a semester early and immediately enrolled in beauty college in Reno, Nevada. With immense pride and gratitude, I attained my Cosmetology license in 2013. From there I have worked in salons in North Lake Tahoe, Flagstaff, Arizona and Capitola.

My dream of living by the ocean and doing hair has come true and I couldn’t be more grateful. I love cutting and styling hair as well as special occasion hair styling. At L’Atelier I enjoy a PHENOMENAL continuing education program and expanding my knowledge of hairstyling and the culture of a high-end, very professional salon environment.

When I am not at L'Atelier Salon, I can be found dancing, traveling, spending time with family, sun bathing on the beach or out in nature enjoying the breathtaking beauty in Santa Cruz County. I believe every day is a gift and life should be lived with patience, joy, passion, and kindness.

I very much look forward to meeting you!


All Services include an in-depth/comprehensive consultation before commencing your service.


  • Haircuts of all lengths

  • Fades from Classic to trendy

  • Highlighting/low-lighting

  • Microlights

  • Creative Color

  • Grey coverage and grey blending techniques

  • Balayage/ Hand Painting

  • Special Occasion Hair Styling

  • Creative Braiding

 I use I.C.O.N EcoTech, Schwartzkopf and Sunlights color lines.  Prices are based on length, texture and abundance not gender or age. Please contact reception for an individual estimate.

Prices From:

  • Haircuts for over the ear length from 60.

  • Haircuts for lengths under the ear down from 75.

  • Highlights/low-lights from 130.

  • Microlights from 160.

  • Clear/Color Glaze from 80.

  • Color & Grey Blending from 110.

  • Balayage/Hand Painting, from 100/hour. (Requires a consultation for first applications)

  • Special Occasion Hair Styling/ Braiding from 95/hour.

Prices are based on length, texture and abundance not gender or age. Please contact reception for an individual estimate

“Jillian has not only helped me to understand and embrace my natural curls after years of chemical straighteners, but she is also a kind and caring woman who listens to my needs. I’ve never had a better salon experience. I also recommended my mother-in-law come in to talk with her the very next day after my haircut!”

Autumn B.

“L’Atelier Salon is pampering, warm and inviting. The staff are so attentive. Jillian is so good at what she does!”

Kim H.

“Jillian was awesome. Very easy to talk to, happily and quickly fixed an issue with my first time cut during a follow up reservation. Was made to feel very welcome and loved her and my experience. The reception staff is lovely as well.”

Leah S.

“Jillian is great. I have never had someone spend so much time talking to me about my hair and helping me figure out what it is that I want. I leave her appointments feeling uplifted and encouraged. And while I feel great outwardly because I got a new cut :), I feel empowered inwardly. Whatever you are all doing, KEEP DOING IT! Great salon, unlike any other salon I've visited. Thank you!”

Sara J.

“Super aware, considerate, and talented stylist, Jillian, love my cut! L'Atelier has a wonderful, soothing atmosphere.”

Rachel C.

“Jillian is awesome, super happy with my hair. Loved the space and vibe, yummy coffee, thoughtful details, great products. Stoked all around with my experience and looking forward to coming back!”

Kym S.

“Jillian is wonderful and the atmosphere at L'Atelier is relaxing and peaceful. Jillian listens to everything and gives me exactly what I want every time I come in.”

Leah B.

“Jillian is as talented as any 'super' master stylist I've encountered in 20 years of haircuts at high end salons in US and Europe. She has a true feel for hair and can fix even the stupidest of mistakes (I had one bad experience prior to seeing her and I couldn't believe how expertly and confidently she dealt with it and turned it into a beautiful haircut). She's also absolutely delightful to interact with. I look forward to my next appointment and will recommend her to everyone I know in this area.”

Corina T.

“Jillian was absolutely amazing! So sweet and funny. She did a phenomenal job. Along with Jillian, the receptionist, Robyn, was very friendly and kind.”

Noel N.

“Great customer service. Friendly staff. Jillian is amazing!”

Karen M.

"This salon is so cute inside and in a really convenient location. I went to Jillian Haun a few months ago and she was AMAZING!! I have super curly hair and am always so nervous to try a new stylist, but right away she was able to see some underlying issues with my last cut. She did a beautiful blowout and when I washed it back to curly my hair felt even, bouncy, and full bodied, which is what I love!! Thanks Jillian, will be back again!!"

Alexa B.

“In my four decades of haircuts, this was the best cut for my curly hair I have ever had. Jillian is an amazing artist.”

Melissa S.

“Thank you so much for the above and beyond service!  It has been about a week since I got my hair cut and I am still totally in LOVE with my wavy/ curly hair.  I have had so many bad haircuts over the years and finally I feel really good about my natural hair.  The last two years I have spent "blowing out" my hair because I was so unhappy with my wavy/ curly hair. 

This past week I have washed my hair and with minimal styling (using the "beachy waves" hair spray product that Jillian recommended to me) and my hair looks so good I can't believe it!  The last time I had bouncy wavy/ curly hair was when I was a teenager.  All my friends and family and even my fiance are obsessed with my new look.  I was skeptical when I arrived to the salon, but I left feeling like a new person - myself!  There were so many aspects of my visit that made me feel incredibly grateful and STOKED about my hair.  What made this experience so magical was the care and kindness I received from the front desk assistant and from my hair stylist Jillian.  I really appreciated Jillian taking time to chat and consult with me about my wants and needs before snipping off locks.  No hair stylist I have been to in the past has ever done a Q&A before a cut.  She completely understood me and walked me through every step of my haircut wash and styling.  At the end of the appointment she educated me on hair products (with no pressure at all) and I was able to leave with a few products to help keep my hair healthy and wavy/ curly.  Another part of my appointment I appreciated was the before and after photos.  It really shows you how big a difference it makes when you have talented, professional, and experienced hair stylists cut your hair.  It was such a transformation from start to finish I left the salon in awe.  I couldn't stop looking in the mirror and touching with my hair!  There are so many other wonderful things I could say about my experience, but I think the most important takeaway is the quality and care i received.  My hair is healthy and happy! :)
That being said, I would definitely recommend this salon to everyone and will be back for my next hair cut and possibly color.  I am so grateful to have had this experience - it changed how I feel about my hair and gave me a boost of confidence. I don't think i will be "blowing out" my hair for a long time.  I look forward to coming back and working with Jillian again.  
Thank you!”

Alessia P.

“My deva cut with Jillian was by far the best salon experience I have had in my life! I am raving to everyone about L’Atelier and Jillian. I have very thick, curly hair and have had many bad experiences in the past. I loved how Jillian consulted with me about my hair and what I wanted, but also gave great recommendations. I am excited to be back for balayage in a couple weeks!”

Athena Z.

“I just recently moved to Santa Cruz and was a little lost on finding a hair salon. I had a couple mishaps along the way trying to find someone here which is how I found your salon. Jillian gave me the BEST consultation I have ever had. She really, truly listened to me and talked with me for almost an hour before even touching my hair to make sure she knew exactly what I wanted for my cut and also for my future color appointment. She was able to decipher all the non-technical terms I was using to describe the cut I wanted and gave me exactly what I had in mind. I left feeling so comfortable and excited to start my hair journey with Jillian. I also love the “you are beautiful” stickers you all hand out. This was one of the best salon experiences I have had in a long time. Thank you for everything.”

Leah B.

“I just want to reiterate as many times as possible that Jillian is the actual BEST EVER, and I feel so lucky to have her as my stylist! She took my hair to a whole new level with this cut plus a styling lesson a week later and finally I have the sexy, sassy, put-together, hip hair I have always wanted. At 30 years old, I FINALLY learned how to care for my natural waves and how to properly curl my hair on non-air-dry days :) So grateful! 

I especially love that Jillian doesn't try to offer or suggest product she knows won't work for me; she got to know me so genuinely that she KNOWS I'm active, athletic, busy, outside a lot, and low-key (and, let's face it, unskilled when it comes to hair styling), so she gives me cuts, styles, products, and advice that work with my lifestyle. In fact, when I try to ask for a cut that she knows I won't maintain or style (i.e., "I want the same haircut you have right now!!"), she gently encourages me toward something more realistic that always looks amazing on me. Plus she is fun and funny and forgiving when I do something stupid like let my friend cut my hair or don't get my hair cut for 10 months (oops!). And every product she has recommended to me is absolutely perfect for what I want. THANK YOU, Jillian, Megan, and L'Atelier!”

Julia S.

"I really had an amazing experience at your salon.  Jillian was very professional and personable. I have already told a few of my friends about my experience.  You have a real gift in Jillian as an employee.  I will say that it was unique to have my scalp massaged and the time spent talking about my hairstyle was very special. I really appreciated the attention given to detail.  I wanted to let you know that Jillian was very professional and so sweet.  The whole experience was very memorable and special.  Thank you."

Kim H.

"I have never gone anywhere better to have my hair cut! Jillian was amazing and got my hair and beard ready for my wedding. She was super sweet and listened to all of my concerns and helped me look my best for my wife. If you need a haircut to look your best, look no further than Jillian!"

Justin S.

"I had my best haircut experience ever at L’Atelier Salon. Jillian was an incredible communicator and had the most precise cutting skills of any stylist I’ve ever been to! The salon is bright and uplifting and every person I interacted with was genuine and professional. A total pampering experience."

Kathleen C.

"I have never had a haircut I enjoyed until I got a haircut from Jillian. She is amazing, the salon was a wonderful experience as well. Having had terrible hair cuts my whole life, I am always skeptical when I decide to actually pay to get my hair cut. Jillian was amazing and patient with me. She gave me good ideas, assessed my hair and gave me amazing hair tips. She really took into consideration what I wanted my hair to look like and she took the time to tell me the science behind what she was using (which is great because I am a science major). She was very friendly and made the experience for me a lot less gruesome. It was the best hair experience I've ever had. I will continue to go to your salon even if I move back to my hometown in Sacramento. I will also be recommending my mom to go there as well. I will definitely make a 3-4 hour drive just to go to your salon and get my hair cut by Jillian. My hair was really long before it got cut and getting a dramatic hair cut is usually scary but I have loved my hair and so has everyone else. I've been recommending your salon to everyone."

Hailey C.

"I had such a great experience at L'Atelier Salon! Jillian Haun did an excellent job on my very difficult long hair and with such a big smile ! Very recommended."

Ayala R.

"Thank you L’Atelier Salon for such a positive, warm, welcoming experience. Such a classy, hidden gem.
Thank you Jillian Haun for the special complimentary hair braiding! I loved it! I appreciated your attentive care, patience, vibrant, nurturing presence, and skill with noticing inner and outer beauty. After Jillian played with my hair, I felt like such a princess walking around. Couldn’t stop smiling and glowing wherever I went. Once again, BIG shoutout to Jillian for taking the time to gift and treat me this experience, including Megan for allowing this to happen. Definitely plan on coming back and getting a full hair makeover once it grows a little longer. Women collaborating as a team to add more beauty and art into the world are awesome!"

Ya Mei W.

"Jillian is an amazing person and gives excellent cuts!"

Jane B.

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the personal care I’ve received from Jillian; she takes the time to listen to my hair goals and offers wonderful advice. I’ve always been happy with my styles from her so I didn’t hesitate recommending her. My son has had some awful cuts in the past at other salons and reluctantly agreed to see Jillian. She really heard what he wanted and gave him a great cut. You have a fabulous stylist and genuinely kind person at your salon and we appreciate it. Thanks so much."

Stephanie & Evan B.

"I have nothing, but extreme compliments for you, the salon and Jillian.  I have NEVER seen such “care and feeding” by a salon for the overall story of our hair, our heads and how we are connected to this part of our being.  Thank you for designing the experience to take such an in-depth look. Jillian- even though we are friends- was completely professional and welcoming, being able to blend her worlds seamlessly. I love how open she and you/salon are to feedback.  While I have nothing about the experience I would change, I feel completely comfortable knowing if I did I could without you all taking it personally and it causing some un-pleasantries (which I have had before in my experiences with stylists). I look forward to working with Jillian on my goals for my "hair-do”!

Holli M.

"Just THANK YOU! So happy with my service yesterday with Jillian... especially my decadent "scalp facial." Wow. So awesome! I love the environment there. Love the smiles on all of the staff's faces and the warmth and positivity that you all exude. I appreciate your generosity, your commitment to Downtown Santa Cruz, and your overall business approach. Go Megan! Go L'Atelier! :)"

Emily B.

"Jillian was wonderful! I was really tired and stressed, and she was so thoughtful and gave me the best scalp treatment when doing my color. It helped relieve my headache and felt wonderful.  I have already reserved her service for my next glaze.  Please thank her again for me."

Lynda S.

"I had a great experience yesterday with Jillian who did a great job on my new balayage.  She listened to me ("I want it so natural no one would guess I got it colored, but I don't want it to look the same as how it looks now!") A tough order, but Jillian gave me exactly what I asked for. She helped me hone in on the look I was trying to achieve with this service and gave me multiple options. I told her I probably would not be doing any more color for a while and she assured me that this service would grow out seamlessly and is a good option for a busy working mom that wants to spruce up her 'do.  She talked me through products she was using, but not too much. The whole process was relaxing and enjoyable. I definitely will recommend Jillian to anyone and everyone that is looking for a new stylist!

Andrea H.

"I really enjoy my time at your salon and loved Jillian's hair cut and her service!"

Foruzan M.

"My cut with Jillian was so lovely! She is really wonderful and attentive, and I felt welcomed, comfortable, and special. Jillian listened to exactly what I was looking for and even recommended the perfect new product that I'm loving; I loved that because it's easy to feel like a stylist is pushing a product on you without 100% listening to what you truly want. Jillian made it all about me and my hair and my style and gave me a few options to choose from. Yay, so happy with my cut! Thank you!"

Julia S.

"Jillian is great. She is very warm, concentrated in her job, and I really liked the color service. She was very present to having a clean space and gave me a great wash and style. I felt that she was proud of herself for working there (of course!), and VERY happy to be part of your team. I will definitely recommend her to all of my friends."

Edisione B.

"I love my cut! It was exactly what I wanted and this is the happiest I have been with a haircut in years!"

Jennifer P.

"Jillian did a really nice haircut, and I am very happy with it. She also has an excellent demeanor. The staff at L’Atelier were highly professional and very friendly. The salon is really clean, well lit, and just pleasant to be at. I will be coming there regularly."

Sunil B