Hello, my name is Megan, and thank you for taking the time to get to know me.

I came to Santa Cruz in 2012 after falling in love with this town one Christmas holiday. Following my dreams has proven to be life changing and so positive!

I received my cosmetology license in the state of Pennsylvania in 2008. I started my career in a corporate salon and quickly moved into management. When the opportunity arose to move to California, I knew my journey coast to coast would include restarting my career as a stylist. When I walked into L'Atelier Salon, I had a very similar feeling of love as I did for Santa Cruz. I was captured by the abundance of light-filled space, floor to ceiling windows, and the artists within. Once I learned the level of customer care upheld in the salon, I was hooked.

I've grown into L'Atelier and have become a permanent fixture now as the new owner. Coming into small business ownership has been a beautiful transition and I wouldn't change it for the world. I love my ever-growing team and salon environment! The progression from a budding stylist in a new town, to our Development Team manager, and now the owner of the very salon I fell in love with has been so serendipitous. I feel so honored to have this opportunity in our amazing Downtown Santa Cruz amongst a supportive community of other small business owners.

My goal as your stylist is to never stop growing and learning! I attend workshops at our salon once a month. I have attended classes with Aveda, Kevin Murphy, Label.M, Rene Furterer and Jane Iredale, as well as L'Atelier's bi-monthly Develop Me Monday courses.  Also, I have taken numerous other courses for precision cutting techniques, advanced coloring, makeup artistry and smoothing treatments. I am a DevaCurl inspired Stylist, helping the curly girls of the world achieve the very best haircut possible. Let me help you find your beautifully natural curls!

In my free time, I enjoy hiking in our beautiful redwoods, walking along our coast lines, dancing at local venues and concerts, hot yoga, gardening, and reading through my growing collection of coffee table books. I love dining at our local restaurants while in company with my amazing friends who become more and more like family every day.

I very much look forward to meeting you soon!

Megan Piety, Owner

For feedback, please feel free to email me at Megan@lateliersalon.com. I greatly welcome all inquiries and questions not pertaining to scheduling requests, rescheduling requests or online scheduling issues. For those, please use saloninfo@lateliersalon.com and reception will return your email Tuesday-Saturday 10a - 4p.

All Services include an in-depth/comprehensive consultation before commencing your service.


  • Haircuts of all lengths, precision to free flowing

  • Certified Deva Cuts/Curly styles

  • Grey blending to full coverage color services

  • Natural to Creative highlighting techniques

  • Balayage/hand painting to include Ombre, Baby-lights, Sombre etc.

  • Aqua Hair Extensions for length/abundance

  • Scalp massages and scalp/hair treatments

  • Keratin Smoothing treatments

I use I.C.O.N EcoTech, Schwartzkopf and Sunlights color lines.  Prices are based on length, texture and abundance not gender or age. Please contact reception for an individual estimate.


  • Haircuts above the ear length starting from 80.

  • Haircuts below the ear length starting from 95.

  • Certified Deva Cut & Set starting from 130.

Prices are based on length, texture and abundance not gender or age. Please contact reception for an individual estimate. 

Color Services and Treatments:

  • Clear or Color glazing from 100.

  • Highlights/low-lights from 150.

  • Color/grey blending from 120.

  • Balayage/hand painting from 125/hour.

  • Shampoo Blow-dry from 35.

  • Scalp and hair treatments from 50.

  • Keratin Express Treatment from 150.

  • Full Keratin Treatment from 225.

Prices are based on length, texture and abundance not gender or age. Please contact reception for an individual estimate

“Megan gave special attention to my needs and to my curls, and she made me feel so empowered to make decisions about what would work for me!”

Suzanne W.

“I love my hair cut and I liked how Megan showed me how to recreate beautiful curls at home. Also very friendly staff.”

Simone S.

“Megan is the best stylist I have ever been to. She really knows how to cut + color my hair perfectly.”

Deana R.

“I consistently get the best haircuts I've ever had at L'Atelier. I love the staff, and the service is impeccable. I'd give 15 stars if available!”

Francis W.

“Megan is excellent- gave me exactly what I wanted.”

Valerie Q.

“I've been with Megan for 6 years, and she's the best in the business. I always recommend her to friends!”

Clara S.

“Megan gave me a beautiful cut, maybe my most favorite one ever! Thank you so much, Megan!”

Danielle L.

“There's a warm, friendly attitude in the salon, and it's a beautiful place to spend time. Megan always gives me the exact haircut I want. She knows the character of my hair so well now, after several years of cutting it. I've only had one other hairstylist in my long life that I could trust like I do her.”

Jan F.

“5 stars.. Cause Megan is the best!!”

Liz A.

“People like me who are blessed/cursed with curly hair are very picky about hairstylists. Megan exceeds my expectations. She just really gets my hair. Rather than trying to impose order on my curls, she liberates and animates them. She skillfully highlights them in a way that adds shine and dimension. I'm so grateful for that.”

Elizabeth T.

"My appointment with Megan was so reassuring, her warmth and genuine interest could persuade me to try a purple mohawk with calm surrender to her capabilities as a talented stylist. She is such a joy to work with, I absolutely plan on making sure I can come see her from Oregon for my hair care, because its hard to imagine who could emulate the subtlety you wield with color.”

Torrey S.

"Dear Megan, Thanks so much for your great haircuts, head massages, and yesterday the special birthday treat!"

Pat K.

"Just THANK YOU! So happy with my service yesterday... especially my decadent "scalp facial." Wow. So awesome! I love the environment there. Love the smiles on all of the staff's faces and the warmth and positivity that you all exude. I appreciate your generosity, your commitment to Downtown Santa Cruz, and your overall business approach.

Go Megan! Go L'Atelier! :)"

Emily B.

"Megan was awesome as always! I was thinking after I left about how nice your entire salon experience is. The whole process from booking (and easy rescheduling online) to kind receptionists, amazing neck massages during shampoo, impeccable record keeping, great aromatic natural products, relaxed yet professional atmosphere and stylists who really listen and deliver great results. 

I'm 46 and I have NEVER developed such a trusting relationship with a salon and stylist until now. It's more than I can really afford, but I've decided at this phase in my life that I'm worth it! The occasional loyalty offers are much appreciated, keep 'em coming!

Please extend my thanks to Megan, and accept my congratulations on creating such a perfect salon experience."

Jess Frye

"Megan is wonderful and I trust her completely with my hair!"

Tess M.

"This salon is amazing. I have gone to salons all over Santa Cruz and finally found this one. I have seen Jenna and Megan and love them both. I would never go to another salon. Love it!"

Mallory A.

"Ok-so I love this place. It is an absolute pleasure every time I go in to see my stylist, Megan Piety. Not only is she the friendliest and nicest stylist I have ever been to, but she also has amazing skills when it comes to doing hair. The staff here always makes me feel so welcome when I come in and the salon itself is beautiful. I have gotten Balayage and a cut from Megan twice and would not go anywhere else as long as I am living in Santa Cruz."

Katie M.

"Let me start by saying, I am 55 years old, blonde, and am VERY picky about who does my hair. Megan is the very best stylist (financially and technically) I've ever had! Ok, embarrassingly I came in after a raging party. The owner Jenna offered me "hair of the dog"  , you feel like you are at a really good friends house. They rock hard. No kidding. I have not been paid or bribed for this post. I really love them that much!!!!!"

Kim J.

" The staff is lovely and professional, they offered me coffee and had me fill out some info about my hair are habits. I definitely appreciate that they take the time to get that information, and that my hair stylist Megan went over it verbally to really get a feel for my habits and preferences.
    Megan was fabulous, very easy to talk to (huge plus when you're stuck with someone for an hour or so), and very skilled.  She does some managing in the shop and was occasionally asked to consult on other cuts, but the woman at the front desk came by and refilled my coffee while she was away from the chair so I never felt neglected!
    This was my first attempt at a deva cut, I wasn't totally convinced going into it, but I read the curly girl book and have had enough sub par curly haircuts to decide it was worth a try. So glad I did!  Megan did the haircut on dry hair, got rid of all the deadness and was a total wizard with shaping!  We headed to the sink and she gave me super helpful step by step instructions on how to use the products at home as she worked, set me up to dry and then bam! Perfect curls.
   Followed her instructions at home and low and behold, have had the exact same results every morning--which is huge considering how often you can walk out of a salon looking killer and then never be able to recreate it at home.

Compliments for days!"

Christine F.

"I have really wavy hair that is often times unruly. I've had a lot of really bad cuts that made me never want to get my haircut again, but inevitably I'd come to a point where a haircut was a must. Rarely have I ever gone back to a salon more than once or twice. Having said all that, Megan at l'Atelier is amazing. She took the time to talk to me about my hair and about what I wanted from my haircut. She addressed all my concerns and when she was done my hair looked amazing. I've had none stop compliments and I've already scheduled another cut with her."

Allison A.

"Megan is a goddess. She does an amazing job and is very easy to talk to. Since having my hair in her hands the past few years I have gotten more compliments on my hair. The folks here take pride in their work and if something is not working out they are quick to correct it.  The ability to book online and via FaceBook make it easy for people with crazy schedules. Highly recommend!"

Vicki T.