Hello, my name is Tara.

I am originally from Hollywood and moved to Santa Cruz when I was 13. For as long as I can remember I've loved styling hair. In high school, I was so obsessed with my hair! I would go to Wayne's Beauty School to get my hair cut practically every week.  I tried every different haircut imaginable, and changed my hair color every other day, staining the bathroom so much with purples and plums that my mom started making me rinse my hair outside with the garden hose.

At 20 it dawned on me that I could make a living doing hair so I enrolled in Wayne's Beauty School.  One of my first employment opportunities was at Russo's barbershop on Center Street in downtown Santa Cruz. I learned the ins and outs of barbering, fades/mechanical shear haircuts, flat tops and beard trimming. Then I made the big move to San Francisco and worked at a popular salon in the Haight Ashbury where I learned fun and funky haircuts, layers and cutting-edge styles. From there I move to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and worked at a salon and spa where I honed my skills to include finish styling and special occasion/wedding hair.

I am thrilled to have moved back to Santa Cruz, my hometown. And blessed to have found L'Atelier Salon. I am beyond excited to work with such passionate co-workers who care deeply about quality customer care, attention to detail and continuing education.  I am so happy to be a part of this kind and very supportive family of budding and Master Stylists.

When I'm not working, you can find me chasing around my beautiful little three-year-old daughter Ava Violet (otherwise known as Hurricane Ava), cooking, baking, sewing, making jewelry, and collecting vintage treasures.

I very much look forward to meeting you!



All Services include an in-depth/comprehensive consultation before commencing your service.


  • Haircuts of all lengths
  • Fades from Classic to trendy
  • Razor cuts and wash & wear styles
  • Highlighting/low-lighting
  • Balayage and hand-painting services
  • Grey coverage and grey blending techniques
  • All color services
  • Special Occasion Hair

I use I.C.O.N EcoTech, Schwartzkopf and Sunlights color lines.  Prices are based on length, texture and abundance not gender or age. Please contact reception for an individual estimate.

Prices From:

  • Haircuts for over the ear length from 65.
  • Haircuts for lengths under the ear down from 75.
  • Highlights/low-lights from 130.
  • Microlights (aka babylights) from 150.
  • Clear or Color Glaze from 80.
  • Permanent Color from 95.
  • Balayage/Hand Painting from 100/hour (Requires a consultation for first applications)
  • Special Occasion Hair Styling from 95/hour.

Prices are based on length, texture and abundance not gender or age. Please contact reception for an individual estimate.


"Tara was very warm & friendly and is very skilled at scalp & neck massage. My hair looked great for my performance that eve."

Terry M.

"I left the building and had nothing but compliments from friends and strangers on my haircut today.
Tara has been cutting my hair for the last 3 or so years and continues to work her magic. I first went to her before my wedding to get a cut and have kept coming back ever since. She is amazing and very professional. I always leave with a smile on and about 5 numbers in my back pocket.
You Rock Tara! Don't you ever put those shears down!"

Courtney A.

"THE best hair cut I've ever had. It's cute, frames my face and head well, and has tons of body and texture. One week later I'm still loving it."

Aaron H.

"Tara is the best! I'm guilty of drifting and seeking out other stylists only to realize, no one compares! If you're a woman, have short hair, and love to let a stylist do what they do best - go to her. She listens and you can be totally honest with her! I'm going back and never drifting again."

Lindsay L.

"I only get my hair done with Tara. She is awesome, & she cuts an amazing angled bob!"

Kelly L.

"I absolutely loved what Tara did with my hair, so much so that I didn't feel guilty about "cheating" on my usual stylist at home. (In fact, if it was financially feasible, I'd travel to OBX to get my hair done here all the time.)"

Justine M.